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Education in Gender and Sexuality

This page offers an overview of education in gender and sexuality studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Lecturers and courses academic year 2019-2020



Afsahi, Afsoun

Feminist theories (BSc)

Afsahi, Afsoun & Mügge, Liza (co-ordinator)

The politics of gender and diversity in theory and practice (MSc)

van den Berg, Marguerite

Gender and Sex in the City (MSc)

Bracke, Sarah

Intersectionalities: Class, Race, Gender & Sexualities (BSc)

Bracke, Sarah & Janssen, Marie-Louise

Gender, Sexuality, and Culture (MSc)

Bonjour, Saskia

Intersectionality and the politics of difference (BSc)

Bonjour, Saskia

Introduction to gender and sexuality studies (BSc)

Bonjour, Saskia

The Politics of Gender and Race in Postcolonial History (BSc)

Finke, Jana

Teaching for Equality?: The Politics of Feminist & Decolonial Education (BSc)

van Heesch, Margriet

Love is a Bitch!: Romance, Sexuality and Desire in Popular Culture (BSc)

van Heesch, Margriet

Stay with the Trouble of Racism, Sexism and Classism (MSc)

van Heesch, Margriet

Theorizing Gender (MSc)

Hille, Charlotte

Military Intervention and gender before, during and after conflict (BSc)

Janssen, Marie-Louise

Sociology of sexuality (BSc)

Kuitenbrouwer, Martientje

Citylab 020: Sex and the city (BSc)

Matthies-Boon, Vivienne (co-ordinator)

Revolutions in the Middle East: gender, conflict and mental health (BSc)

Miedema, Esther

Gender, Intersectionality, and Development (MSc)

Moyer, Eileen

Sex, Reproduction and Development (MSc)

van der Pas, Daphne

Gender, media and politics (BSc)

Spronk, Rachel

Body, Gender, and Sexuality (MSc)

Spronk, Rachel

Orientation on Body and Culture (BSc)

Vandekerckhove, Nel

Gender, Human Security and Violent Conflict (BSc)

van Wechem, Robin

The political economy of beauty (BSc)