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This page offers an overview of education in gender and sexuality studies at the University of Amsterdam. ARC-GS is committed to fostering a vibrant gender and sexuality research community within the Social Sciences at the UvA, and we understand our mission as a research centre to encompass an educational mission.

This educational mission implies we are committed to gender and sexuality education within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The University of Amsterdam offers different possibilities to study gender and/or sexuality. Students within our Faculty who have an interest in gender and/or sexuality can take a range of courses, both on bachelor as well as master level. These courses and course descriptions can most easily be found by searching for ‘gender’ or ‘sexuality’ in the course catalogue.

Study Programmes

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences also offers Gender and Sexuality Studies in the form of a minor within the bachelor and a track within the (Sociology) master, where students can further specialize within the fields of gender and/or sexuality. There is also an introductory as well as a more advanced summer programme. 

  • Bachelor Minor Gender and Sexuality 

    The minor Gender & Sexuality studies power relations based on gender and sexuality from an interdisciplinary social science perspective. It examines how such power is structured and how it shapes social and political life, both in the public and in the private sphere.


    Dr. A. (Rahil) Roodsaz

    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    Exploring Diversity

  • Master track Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society

    The Gender, Sexuality, and Society (GSS) master track explores the significance of gender and sexuality in contemporary societies. This means we conduct theoretical investigations in which gender and sexuality are put firmly on the sociological agenda as crucial categories of analysis in accounting for social reality. It also means we explore themes such as the global crisis of care, homonationalism, non-heteronormative sexualities, and the rise of #metoo movements. We study gender and sexuality in their entanglement with class and race and other critical dimensions of power and inequality.


    Prof. dr. S.A.E. (Sarah) Bracke


    Dr. M.P.C. (Marie-Louise) Janssen


  • Introduction to Sexuality Studies

    In this summer school, we will study how these concepts impact our relationships within society, and the different theoretical perspectives that have been developed to study their role in social and familial relationships. Students will be equipped with different theoretical perspectives and analytical tools to study these themes critically and reflexively, and in interaction with other social distinctions, such as religion, social class and nationality, within the setting of an international classroom.

  • Advanced Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

    During this four-week advanced programme, participants will build on their existing extensive knowledge of sexuality as it is contextualized by issues of ethnicity, nationality, class, and religion. Participants will deepen their familiarity with how sexuality is conceptualized and practiced across a variety of  research, programmatic, and advocacy venues. This summer, applicants will have the opportunity to apply for the Advanced Summer Institute in its entirety, or apply for one of the two constituent blocks. Read more about the structure and content of both blocks below.



Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies

ARG-GS actively participates to the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG). The NOG is based at Utrecht University and provides a platform for gender sensitive and postcolonial research. Since 1995, the NOG has offered a highly successful training programme and research environment for postgraduate students, PhD students and senior researchers. The ARC-GS director is part of the board of the NOG and ARC-GS graduate students and PhD candidates participate in NOG events and training programmes. The NOG provides a platform to brainstorm about the future of gender studies in Netherlands. Please find all upcoming educational activities at the NOG here