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About ARC-GS

Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality - (ARC-GS)

The Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and students of gender and sexuality in the social sciences. The centre aims to strengthen and consolidate cutting edge research and teaching of its researchers and PhD-affiliates. At the same time the centre functions as a hub at the UvA where new questions and collaborations are generated. The centre organizes monthly lectures with internationally renowned scholars as well as seminars, public debates, roundtables, conferences and workshops. ARC-GS also offers visiting scholars a lively intellectual community for scholarly debate and exchange.

Contact Information

Tel: +31-20-525-2262


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Postal address

ARC-GS c/o Robert Davidson
AISSR Secretariat (REC B8.01)
PO Box 15718 
1001 NE Amsterdam