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This week, first time ever, a peer-reviewed publication prepared within AISSR has reached the level of 1000 citations in the Web of Science, the oldest database of peer-reviewed articles and still the most prestigious one (though Scopus has a wider coverage and contains less mistakes, for example journal impact factors are based upon WoS).

It concerns Wüstenhagen, R, Wolsink, M, Bürer, MJ (2007) Social acceptance of renewable energy innovation: An introduction to the concept. Energy Policy, 35(5), 2683-2691. The impact of 1000 citations is very rare, especially in social sciences. For example, Energy Policy (included in both ScienceCitationIndex and ScocialScienceCitaionIndex) published over 13.000 papers whereas only one achieved a higher number (Unruh, 2000, “Understanding carbon lock-in”)., although their mapping included application to acceptance issues of less innovative technologies that continue carbon-based and centralized energy provision (e.g. shale-gas, nuclear, bio-fuels/mass, CCS etc.). Beside energy, the concept has been used in other domains, such as land use, ecosystem management, water management, digitalization, genetic modification, forestry, transport, 3D-printing, food provision, etc.

Dr. M.P. (Maarten) Wolsink

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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