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Professor Maria Kaika has been selected to lead the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) as the CUS Director for the coming five-year period, 2020-2025.  Kaika will be taking over from prof. Luca Bertolini.

Maria Kaika has been selected to lead the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) as the CUS Director for the coming five-year period, 2020-2015. Kaika will be taking over from Professor Luca Bertolini, who has nobly served as CUS Director for the last several years and will continue his wide-ranging scholarly contributions within the social sciences and CUS. Kaika was unanimously selected by a committee of scholars from different parts of the CUS community:  Tuna Tasan-Kok, Darshan Vigneswaran, Cody Hochstenbach, Carolina Maurity Frossard and Brian Burgoon. 

Kaika will be taking on her CUS Directorship duties in the coming months, building on her extensive experience internationally and since 2016 at the UvA Department of Geography, Planning and International Development. 

Since joining the faculty, Kaika has quickly established herself as a leading academic scholar, broad public intellectual and group leader in the Urban Planning AISSR Programme Group in particular, and the urban studies diaspora generally. 

We thank the CUS committee members for their time, expertise and diligence in making the search a successful one, as well as Luca Bertolini for his stalwart and expert leadership that has allowed CUS to grow and mature into the extraordinary academic community it has become. Finally, we congratulate and offer highest of hopes and best wishes to Maria Kaika to continue and deepen that leadership record.

About the Centre for Urban Studies

The Centre for Urban Studies connects more than 50 researchers and over 50 PhD students, bringing together urban scholars in human geography, planning, sociology, political science, anthropology, and international development studies. The Centre supports existing urban research programs and stimulates interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborative projects. By enabling international academic collaborations and science-practice interactions, the CUS stimulates the formation of global networks of urban scholars, practitioners and policy makers. 

Prof. dr. M. (Maria) Kaika

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Planning