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Publications on Gender & Sexuality 2017

Peer-reviewed work published by ARC-GS researchers in fall 2017 and winter 2017:  

  • Ayuandini, S., & Duyvendak, J. W. (2017). Becoming (more) Dutch as medical recommendations: how understandings of national identity enter the medical practice of hymenoplasty consultations. Nations and Nationalism. DOI: 10.1111/nana.12329

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  • Besnier, N., & Alexeyeff, K. (2016). En las fronteras del género: política y transformaciones de la No-Heteronormatividad en Polinesia (On the Edges of Gender: Politics and Transformations of Non-Heteronormativity in Polynesia). Sociología Histórica, (6), 27-54.

  • Bracke, S., Lefranc, L., & Van Ertvelde, A. (Eds.) (2017). Unruly Bodies. DiGeSt (Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies), 4(2).

  • Bracke, S., Lefranc, L., & Van Ertvelde, A. (2017). Unruly Bodies: Struggles with Normativity, Autonomy, and Materiality. DiGeSt (Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies), 4(2), 1-9.

  • Bracke, S., Dupont, W., & Paternotte, D. (2017). "No prophet is accepted in his own country": Catholic anti-gender activism in Belgium. In R. Kuhar, & D. Paternotte (Eds.), Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe (pp. 41-58). Rowman & Littlefield.

  • Krebbekx, W., Spronk, R., & M'charek, A. (2017). Ethnicizing sexuality: An analysis of research practices in the Netherlands. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 40(4), 636-655. DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2016.1181771

  • Krizsán, A. & Roggeband, C. (2017). The Gender Politics of Domestic Violence: Feminists Engaging the State in Central and Eastern Europe. New York: Routledge.

  • Mügge, L. M., & Schotel, A. L. (2017). Intersectionaliteit in de media: Representatie van Nederlandse Kamerleden met een migratieachtergrond in dagbladen, 1986-2016. Res Publica, 59(4), 439-462.

  • Spronk, R., & Hendriks, T. (2017). Rethinking sexuality from Africa. CODESRIA Bulletin, 2017 (1&2), 28-33.

  • van den Berg, M. (2017). Gender in the Post-Fordist Urban - The Gender Revolution in Planning and Public Policy. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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