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ARC-GS Visiting Scholars

ARC-GS offers non-stipendiary visiting scholarships to excellent scholars who are conducting research related to gender and/or sexuality in the social sciences, specifically anthropology, sociology, political science or geography and developments studies.

The call for ARC-GS Visiting Scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year has closed.

ARC-GS will host two Visiting Scholars during the 2020-2021 academic year: Yumna Asaf and Jan-Therese Mendes.

Yumna Asaf

Yumna Asaf will be working on the following project while at ARC-GS:

Title: The Deliberate Creation of Gender in Communalism and the Resistance Against It: A Select Study of the Contemporary Women’s Movement in India

With the rise of the right-wing extremism in India, women are often seen on the fore front, leading a fight against it. Women journalists, social activists, college students and women from ordinary working class neighborhoods have put up a fight against every day sexist propagandas. The research attempts to investigate the agency of these women in the present socio-political context of India and the various ways in which it is challenging the growth of communalism in India. Largely based on personal interviews, the research shall throw light on the endeavors and aspirations of these women and more importantly, the effects of their mobilization. Through this research, I argue that within this odd arrangement of sexist communalism strengthening its ground every day, women have found opportunities to create a movement of resistance and this is posing new challenges to the growth of communalism in India.

Jan-Therese Mendes

Jan-Therese Mendes holds a PhD in Social and Political Thought from York University, Canada (October 2019). Currently Mendes is a postdoctoral fellow in studies of gender and race with the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Stavanger, Norway (November 2019-present). As a 2020/2021 Visiting Scholar at ARC-GS Mendes will further develop and disseminate scholarship on Black migrant women’s reproduction, Black mournability, and racist nationalism within the welfare states of Norway, Sweden and Canada. Herein Mendes inquires into how the racist-sexist conditions that vacate the worth of Black life and refuse Black national belongings can be witnessed through the bio-policies that inform: 1. the institutional criminalization of Black women’s fertility and sexuality, 2. the prevailing apathy to Black maternal and infant death; and 3. the quotidian nature of the Black mother’s near-fatal encounters with the penal forces that regulate public space.

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