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ARC-GS Visiting Scholars

ARC-GS offers non-stipendiary visiting scholarships to excellent scholars who are conducting research related to gender and/or sexuality in the social sciences, specifically anthropology, sociology, political science or geography and developments studies.

Please click on the link below to view the ARC-GS Call for Visiting Scholars 2020-2021.

ARC-GS Call for Visiting Scholars 2020-2021
Amanda Friesen
Amanda Friesen

Amanda Friesen (IUPUI):

Amanda is Associate Professor of Political Science, Adjunct Faculty in Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Project Director for the Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture at IUPUI. She will be a Visiting Scholar at the University of Amsterdam in 2019-20, also hosted by the Challenges in Democratic Representation group and the Hot Politics Lab. Dr. Friesen has established an emerging international reputation as a political psychology scholar with expertise in gender and religion. Her research centers on exploring the origins of political orientations – from policy preferences and ideology to political interest and participation. She researches and teaches about the intersection of gender, religion and personality with political engagement, using psychological methods and theory to explore these domains. Her research can be found at

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