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This lecture will address the rise of ‘#MeToo’ in the context of academia by considering one overarching question: what is the state of ‘#MeToo’ in the Academy?

Detail Summary
Date 31 May 2018
Time 11:45 - 13:00
Dr Serena Cruz

Central to this discussion will be the disclosure (and reflection) of a recent incident at the International Studies Association (ISA) 2018 Annual Conference. The focus in this re-telling will be to contextualize the events surrounding the incident and the ensuing actions that took place in its aftermath through a theoretical and contemporary analysis of sexism. Within this analysis particular attention will be given to considering the implications of the appropriation of emancipatory themes, such as ‘the personal is political’, by those who perpetuate sexist behavior (e.g., harassment, abuse, ‘gas-lighting’) in an effort to obfuscate the threat their actions pose to the larger project of ‘Enlightenment’ that is central to the Academy.

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