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Gender & Sexuality PhD Club

The ARC-GS Gender & Sexuality PhD Club is a monthly meeting of PhD students who work with gender and/or sexuality, during which we primarily review each other’s work.

Members of the club come from all disciplines hosted by the AISSR, namely anthropology, geography, international development studies, sociology, and political science. We study a wide variety of topics. Examples include the study of gendered logics of protection of civilians in armed conflict, the use of sexuality in political discourse, and women’s underrepresentation in organizational authority. Likewise, among us you will find PhD students employing a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods and data, such as participant observation, interviews, critical frame and narrative analysis, and quantitative analysis of survey and register data. Whenever possible our PhD club organizes Master classes and one-day seminars with visiting scholars of the ARC-GS lecture series. A recent example is the short-intensive-course “Feminist Methodologies in the Social Sciences” with Prof. Jacqui True (Monash University) and Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam).

Interested in joining? Get in touch with Sherilyn Deen and Anne Louise Schotel.