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Board and Management

Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality - (ARC-GS)

prof. dr. S.A.E. (Sarah) Bracke

ARC-GS Director

dr. J.A. (Julie) McBrien

ARC-GS Co-Director

drs. R.J. (Robby) Davidson

ARC-GS Programme Manager

ARC-GS Advisory Board:

  • Marguerite van den Berg
  • Saskia Bonjour
  • Amade M'charek
  • Willem Boterman
  • Sherilyn Deen
  • Esther Miedema
  • Conny Roggeband
  • Anne Louise Schotel
  • Rachel Spronk
  • Olav Velthuis
  • Saskia Wieringa