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ARC-GS Visiting Scholars

Bahar Sakızlıoğlu

Bahar Sakızlıoğlu

Bahar Sakızlıoğlu completed her PhD on displacement experiences of low income residents in gentrifying neighborhoods of Amsterdam and Istanbul. She is currently working on a post-doctoral research project entitled “Gendered Geographies of Gentrification”, for which she has been granted the H2020 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. That comparative research investigates the mutual constitution of gender and space during gentrification in Amsterdam and Istanbul. She planned the visiting scholarship at ARC-GS as a part of her ‘comparative urbanist’ training to refine the comparative methodology employed in her research. She wants to learn and discuss about the constitution of gender and space in the context of gentrifying Amsterdam. She will also prepare for and partially conduct her fieldwork in Amsterdam.

Francesca Romana Ammaturo

Francesca Romana Ammaturo

Francesca Romana Ammaturo holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Goldsmiths. She studied International Relations in Italy (University of Bologna), in France (Science Po Lille) and in the United States (UCLA). During her graduate studies in Bologna she developed an interest in human rights, especially in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity which has been taken further during her doctoral studies. In 2010, as part of her Ph.D. research, she worked at the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe on a project relating to homophobia and transphobia in member countries.

Cirus Rinaldi

Cirus Rinaldi

Cirus Rinaldi is Senior Researcher in Sociology of Law, Deviance and Social Change at Palermo University, Italy. His main research topics cover theories of deviance with a special focus on labelling theories, juvenile deviance, masculinity and violence, LGBT, and male sex work. He is affiliated as research member with “PROVIDE - PRoximity On VIolence: Defence and Equity” and “I.F.O. Illegal Flow Observation” and was involved in international projects, e.g. regarding interventions in homo/transphobic environments. His latest publications include: I copioni sessuali. Storia, analisi e applicazioni (Sexual scripts. History, analysis and applications), Mondadori Università, 2017 and Sesso, Sé e Società (Sex, Self and Society), Mondadori Università, 2016.

Serena Cruz

Dr Serena Cruz

Current ARC-GS Visiting Scholar(s):

  • Serena Cruz (Florida International University):
    Serena is currently a visiting research scholar at the University of Amsterdam. She is jointly hosted by the research group Health, Care and the Body (HCB) and ARC-GS.  During her time as a visiting scholar, Serena will be developing articles for publication, developing a book proposal for her dissertation, and exploring post-doctoral funding sources to pursue a new research agenda that builds upon her doctoral study and her findings from the Clingendael research project. This new study is titled "Sins, Sinners, and Survival: The Risks of Coping with HIV, Conflict, and Commercial Sex Work in Northern Uganda". 

Previous ARC-GS Visiting Scholars:

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1 February 2018