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ARC-GS Visiting Scholars

Serena Cruz

Dr Serena Cruz

Current ARC-GS Visiting Scholar(s):

  • Serena Cruz (Florida International University):
    Serena is currently a visiting research scholar at the University of Amsterdam. She is jointly hosted by the research group Health, Care and the Body (HCB) and ARC-GS.  During her time as a visiting scholar, Serena will be developing articles for publication, developing a book proposal for her dissertation, and exploring post-doctoral funding sources to pursue a new research agenda that builds upon her doctoral study and her findings from the Clingendael research project. This new study is titled "Sins, Sinners, and Survival: The Risks of Coping with HIV, Conflict, and Commercial Sex Work in Northern Uganda". 

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Published by  ARCGS

16 May 2018