Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality


Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality - (ARC-GS)

Senior Researchers

  • Niko Besnier
    (Anthropology): Gender and sexuality at the juncture of the global and local; politics of transgender identities; masculinity and the global circulation of professional athletes.
  • Marguerite van den Berg
    (Sociology): genderfication; gender in urban regeneration; gendered aesthetics in post-Fordist labour;

  • Saskia Bonjour
    (Political Science): Politics of migration and integration in the Netherlands and in Europe; gender and (post)colonial history; 

  • Willem R. Boterman
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Intersections of class and gender; family gentrification; social reproduction & social mobility.

  • Marci Cottingham
    (Sociology): Emotion; healthcare and carework; biomedical science and risk
  • Rijk van Dijk
    (Anthropology): Religion and sexuality in Africa; modern Christian movements in Africa; Pentecostalism; 

  • Jan Willem Duyvendak
    (Sociology): Social movements, particularly the gay movement; social policy (care-paid work balance in relation to gender); multiculturalism and the intersection of religion and sexuality; 
  • Adeola Enigbokan
    (Sociology): Intersection of art and urbanism; art and activism around urban transformation; design and planning; 

  • Luara Ferracioli
    (Political Science): Ethics of immigration; refugee studies; gender & multiculturalism; children's rights;

  • Marlies Glasius
    (Political Science): Civil society theory; global civil society; international criminal justice; 
  • Wouter van Gent
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Segregation, disadvantaged neighbourhoods; gentrification; population geography (including LGBTs);

  • Anita Hardon
    (Anthropology): Gender; reproductive health; HIV/AIDS; medical technologies;
  • Gert Hekma
    (Sociology): History of sexuality and homosexuality in comparative perspective; sociology of (homo)sexuality; perversions; 


  • Adnan Hossain

    (Anthropology): Third gender, transgender studies, masculinities, pleasure and erotic subjectivity, class, globalization and localization of gender and sexual identities, sexual nationalism, recognition and sexual rights, religiosity, decoloniality, race and ethnic relations, cricket, South Asia, Caribbean.

  • Anne de Jong
    (Political Science): Gender and Conflict; woman & social movements, in particular transnational human rights activism; Israel-Palestine/Middle East;
  • Jana Krause
    (Political Science): International security; gender dimensions of conflict and peace building; sexual violence in war; 

  • Giselinde Kuipers
    (Sociology): Beauty; body; morality; humor; cultural production; popular culture;

  • Mieke Lopes Cardozo
    (International Development Studies): International development & education; peacebuilding & education; Bolivia; Sri Lanka; Indonesia;

  • Julie McBrien
    (Anthropology): Gender and religion; women, education, and labor; marriage and weddings; Central Asia, post-Socialist regions;
  • Amade M'charek
    (Anthropology): Race, sex differences; diversity in genetic research and biomedical practices; forensic science and race and sex-differences; 
  • Esther Miedema
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Sexuality education; rights-informed discourse international development; 

  • Annemarie Mol
    (Anthropology): Eating bodies; tasting as practice and model; pleasure, health and other bodily goods; the global and the intimate;
  • Annelies Moors
    (Anthropology): Muslim cultural politics; (micro-)politics of marriage; Muslim fashions; gendering Muslim family law; 
  • Eileen Moyer
    (Anthropology): Urban Africa; masculinities; sexuality and pleasure; HIV/AIDS; popular culture;

  • Liza Mügge
    (Political Science): Gender; ethnicity; intersectionality and politics; transnationalism;
  • Saskia Poldervaart (1945-2011)
    (Political Science): Feminist and utopian aspects of social movements, particularly of alternative globalization movements;
  • Robert Pool
    (Anthropology): Medical anthropology; qualitative/mixed research methods; communication/information transfer;
  • Mattijs van de Port
    (Anthropology): Religion and sexuality; the cultural expression of sexually deviant biographies; camp; 
  • Nicky Pouw
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Poverty, inequality and wellbeing; gender in economic theory; rural economic development;
  • Ria Reis
    (Anthropology): Medical anthropology; children and youth; HIV/AIDS; violence; Africa;
  • Conny Roggeband
    (Political Science): Comparative politics and inequality issues; gender+ equality policies; public policy; 

  • Eric Schliesser
    (Political Science): History of forgotten feminists; political theory; philosophy of economics; 

  • Rachel Spronk
    (Anthropology): Postconstructionist analyses of gender and sexuality; intimacy in cross-cultural perspective; Africa
  • Stephanie Steinmetz
    (Sociology): Gender-specific inequalities in educational attainment and labour market outcomes in cross-national comparison; 
  • Olav Velthuis
    (Sociology): Economic sociology; cultural sociology; markets for online pornography; art markets; globalization

  • Saskia Wieringa
    (Anthropology): Women's movements and political agency; women's rights and sexual rights;transgender and intersex issues.

Published by  ARCGS

18 May 2017