Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality


Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality - (ARC-GS)

Senior Researchers

  • Niko Besnier
    (Anthropology): Gender and sexuality at the juncture of the global and local; politics of transgender identities; masculinity and the global circulation of professional athletes.
  • Marguerite van den Berg
    (Sociology): genderfication; gender in urban regeneration; gendered aesthetics in post-Fordist labour;

  • Saskia Bonjour
    (Political Science): Politics of migration and integration in the Netherlands and in Europe; gender and (post)colonial history; 

  • Willem R. Boterman
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Intersections of class and gender; family gentrification; social reproduction & social mobility.

  • Marci Cottingham
    (Sociology): Emotion; healthcare and carework; biomedical science and risk
  • Rijk van Dijk
    (Anthropology): Religion and sexuality in Africa; modern Christian movements in Africa; Pentecostalism; 

  • Jan Willem Duyvendak
    (Sociology): Social movements, particularly the gay movement; social policy (care-paid work balance in relation to gender); multiculturalism and the intersection of religion and sexuality; 
  • Adeola Enigbokan
    (Sociology): Intersection of art and urbanism; art and activism around urban transformation; design and planning; 

  • Luara Ferracioli
    (Political Science): Ethics of immigration; refugee studies; gender & multiculturalism; children's rights;

  • Marlies Glasius
    (Political Science): Civil society theory; global civil society; international criminal justice; 
  • Wouter van Gent
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Segregation, disadvantaged neighbourhoods; gentrification; population geography (including LGBTs);

  • Anita Hardon
    (Anthropology): Gender; reproductive health; HIV/AIDS; medical technologies;
  • Gert Hekma
    (Sociology): History of sexuality and homosexuality in comparative perspective; sociology of (homo)sexuality; perversions; 
  • Anne de Jong
    (Political Science): Gender and Conflict; woman & social movements, in particular transnational human rights activism; Israel-Palestine/Middle East;
  • Jana Krause
    (Political Science): International security; gender dimensions of conflict and peace building; sexual violence in war; 

  • Giselinde Kuipers
    (Sociology): Beauty; body; morality; humor; cultural production; popular culture;

  • Mieke Lopes Cardozo
    (International Development Studies): International development & education; peacebuilding & education; Bolivia; Sri Lanka; Indonesia;

  • Julie McBrien
    (Anthropology): Gender and religion; women, education, and labor; marriage and weddings; Central Asia, post-Socialist regions;
  • Amade M'charek
    (Anthropology): Race, sex differences; diversity in genetic research and biomedical practices; forensic science and race and sex-differences; 
  • Esther Miedema
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Sexuality education; rights-informed discourse international development; 

  • Annemarie Mol
    (Anthropology): Eating bodies; tasting as practice and model; pleasure, health and other bodily goods; the global and the intimate;
  • Annelies Moors
    (Anthropology): Muslim cultural politics; (micro-)politics of marriage; Muslim fashions; gendering Muslim family law; 
  • Eileen Moyer
    (Anthropology): Urban Africa; masculinities; sexuality and pleasure; HIV/AIDS; popular culture;

  • Liza Mügge
    (Political Science): Gender; ethnicity; intersectionality and politics; transnationalism;
  • Saskia Poldervaart (1945-2011)
    (Political Science): Feminist and utopian aspects of social movements, particularly of alternative globalization movements;
  • Robert Pool
    (Anthropology): Medical anthropology; qualitative/mixed research methods; communication/information transfer;
  • Mattijs van de Port
    (Anthropology): Religion and sexuality; the cultural expression of sexually deviant biographies; camp; 
  • Nicky Pouw
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies): Poverty, inequality and wellbeing; gender in economic theory; rural economic development;
  • Ria Reis
    (Anthropology): Medical anthropology; children and youth; HIV/AIDS; violence; Africa;
  • Conny Roggeband
    (Political Science): Comparative politics and inequality issues; gender+ equality policies; public policy; 

  • Eric Schliesser
    (Political Science): History of forgotten feminists; political theory; philosophy of economics; 

  • Rachel Spronk
    (Anthropology): Postconstructionist analyses of gender and sexuality; intimacy in cross-cultural perspective; Africa
  • Stephanie Steinmetz
    (Sociology): Gender-specific inequalities in educational attainment and labour market outcomes in cross-national comparison; 
  • Olav Velthuis
    (Sociology): Economic sociology; cultural sociology; markets for online pornography; art markets; globalization

  • Saskia Wieringa
    (Anthropology): Women's movements and political agency; women's rights and sexual rights;transgender and intersex issues.

Published by  ARCGS

23 January 2017