Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality

Affiliated researchers

Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality - (ARC-GS)

Affiliated Researchers outside the AISSR

  • Murat Aydemir
    (Assistant Professor Comparative Literature and Cultural Analysis): Queer theory, narratology, globalization and migration, island stories
  • Henny Bos
    (Associate Professor, Research Institute of Child Development and Education, CDE): Planned lesbian mother families; planned gay father families; LGBT youth; gender nonconformity; sexual minorities, sexual minority stress

  • Laurens Buijs
    (Lecturer in Social Sciences, Departments of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ASW)): Sexuality; gender; sexual identities and subcultures; policy; ethnography, antigay violence; sex work; urban politics; gentrification

  • Karen Celis
    (Political Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Representation; gender; ethnicity; intersectionality; state feminism;
  • Sébastien Chauvin
    ​(Centre en Etudes Genre, University of Lausanne, Switzerland): Ethnicity and sexuality; citizenship; intersectionality; 
  • Megan Comfort
    (Sociology, University of California San Francisco): incarceration, family, intimacy, sexual health, urban poor; United States
  • Emanuela Dalmasso

    (Post-doc, Political Science, University of Amsterdam): Middle East politics; gender studies; Morocco; totalitarian movements

  • Simone Datzberger
    (Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam): Peacebuilding; democratization; education; civil society; postcolonialism and decolonization; international development; 

  • Linda Duits
    (Political Science, University of Amsterdam): Gender and sexuality; media; identity; girl culture; 

  • Elisabeth L. Engebretsen
    (Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo): China and East Asia; queer anthropology; critical feminist and gender theory; 

  • Silvia Erzeel
    (Political Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Gender and politics; political representation; party politics; women’s substantive representation in parliament; gender quota; feminization of conservative and rightwing parties

  • Ingvild Harkes
    (Cultural Anthropologist, Research fellow and project coordinator, Edinburgh Napier University): BDSM: cultural context, legal framework; sexual citizenship; extreme pornography; abuse; support structures
  • Anja Hiddinga
    (): Deafness and sign language; construction of concepts of disease; cognitive development of clinical sciences; disability studies

  • Margriet van Heesch
    (Lecturer, Department of Sociology): Epistemology of sex, gender and sexuality; epistemology of intersexuality; oral history and intersexuality; philosophy of science and gender; ethics and ideologies of love and gender
  • Karin Hügel
    (External member of the Amsterdam School for Culture and History, PhD student at the UvA): Queer Readings of the Hebrew Bible; queer theory; intertextuality; exegetics of the Hebrew Bible; cultural studies
  • Marie-Louise Janssen
    (Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology): Prostitution within its local and global complexity; human trafficking and the commodification of the body; Prostitution in colonialism and post-coloniality; gender and sexuality studies; Latin America, China
  • Alexandre Jaunait
    (Associate Professor of Political Science; University of Poitiers - Lecturer in Gender Studies at Sciences-Po Paris): France, Gender and Sexuality theory, Intersectionnality, Bioethics and Gender, Sociology of Law
  • Sara de Jong
    (Marie Curie Fellow, Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna): (postcolonial) feminist theory; gender and ethnicity; NGOs; migration; gender and development; citizenship

  • Aylin Kuryel
    (PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, working on her dissertation entitled: "Visual Community in Transition: Image Politics of Contemporary Nationalism in Turkey");
  • Arnaud Lerch
    (PhD Candidate, CMH, Paris): gender & sexuality; family; sexual health; HIV/STD prevention; 

  • Tara MacDonald
    (University of Amsterdam, English Literature): Victorian literature; neo-Victorian literature and film; gender and sexuality; Victorian masculinities; feminism; popular fiction;
  • Marielle Le Mat
    (University of Amsterdam, International Development Studies): Gender, education and development; sexuality education; school-related gender based violence; 

  • Paul Mepschen
    (Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University): Autochthony; homonormativity; Orientalism; sexuality and citizenship; sexuality and space; the Netherlands

  • Hanna L. Muehlenhoff
    (ACCESS EUROPE): EU external relations and human rights promotion; gender and civil society promotion; Turkey-EU relations; feminist and governmentality approaches

  • Lorraine Nencel
    (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Gender and Sexuality; Heterosexuality; Masculinity; Sex Work; 
  • S.N. Nyeck

    (Senior Researcher, Center for Intersectional Social Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): Public policy; religion and ethics; government outsourcing; globalization and law; sexuality and politics; African politics;

  • Manon Parry
    (University of Amsterdam, History, Archeology and Area Studies): History of women’s health and health activism; gender, sexuality, and public history; 
  • Daphne van der Pas
    (University of Amsterdam, Political Science): Representation; gender and media coverage of politicians; media and political agenda setting; 

  • Paraskevas (Paris) Petrou
    (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Work & Organizational Psychology): Job crafting; work-home interface; leisure studies; self-regulation; 

  • Marion E.P. de Ras
    (Independant scholar and researcher): The body, sexuality and gender; historical processes of pedagogy and education; medicalization and sexualization; 
  • Mireille Rosello
    (University of Amsterdam, Literary Studies): Globalized mobilities; plurilingualism and intercultural encounters; queer worlds; 
  • Eline Severs
    (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Political Science): Political representation; representative democracy; democratic inclusion; political legitimacy; gender and diversity; intersectionality and politics; qualitative methodology; political theory

  • Eliza Steinbock
    (Leiden University, Center for the Arts in Society): corporeal/material feminism; film philosophy; critical theory; visual culture; transgender studies; queer theory; (post-)pornography
  • Karen Vintges
    (University of Amsterdam, Department of Philosophy): (history of) political philosophy, critical theory, politics of difference, the legacy of Simone de Beauvoir; Foucault: 

  • Annelou Ypeij
    (CEDLA): Region of interest Peru; gender and poverty; urban livelihood strategies; single motherhood; family relations; gender and tourism; ethnicity; 

  • Martin Zebracki
    (University of Leeds, Critical Human Geography): Public art; sexual citizenship; gender and sexuality; queer theory; sex work; representation; identity; 

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23 May 2017