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The Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender & Sexuality (ARC-GS) is the proud local organizer of the European Conference on Politics & Gender (ECPG), 4-6 July 2019. ECPG conceives gender and politics broadly to include any gender, sexuality and intersectional perspectives in political science, international relations, political theory and philosophy, research methods, public policy and public administration, and social movements. ECPG values diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies. ECPG is keen to engage with research on race and intersectionality, sexuality, men and masculinity, and those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer or intersex.

Detail Summary
Date Start 12 July 2018 End 15 October 2018

ECPG particularly welcomes the participation of early-career scholars and scholars who are underrepresented in the profession.

To showcase the rich research and contemporary questions on politics and gender in the Netherlands, ARC-GS will sponsor a number of local panels and roundtables at the ECPG. ARC-GS welcomes proposals from across the field of gender and politics. Panels may address local questions in a local or comparative context. Proposals should follow the ECPG submission guidelines:

Submission Deadline: 23 October 2018

We accept online submissions only. Participants will be notified of the decision by late December 2018.

Panel Proposal

Each panel proposal should contain a minimum of five paper proposals and a maximum of six paper proposals. The panel can be submitted to only one section.
The panel proposal should contain:
(1) Panel title
(2) 150-word panel abstract
(3) One single panel chair
(4) Two panel discussants,
(5) a minimum of five and a maximum of six 300-word paper abstracts

Roundtable Proposal

Each roundtable proposal should have a minimum of four and a maximum of five speakers. The roundtable can be submitted to only one section. The roundtable proposal should contain:
(1) Roundtable title
(2) 150-word roundtable abstract
(3) Up to two panel chairs, no discussant is needed
(4) A minimum of four and a maximum of five speakers


Each author/co-author/roundtable speaker/panel proposer/chair/discussant should have a MyECPG account in order to submit a panel or roundtable. A MyECPG account is very easy to set up and does not require institutional affiliation.
The identification of the MyECPG account is based on the email address. The same email address should, thus, be used for the paper submission through MyECPG and the MyECPG account registration.

Submission rules

Each participant may submit up to two papers (this includes co-authored papers and roundtable participation). Additional proposals will not be considered. Each participant may submit a maximum of one panel proposal OR one roundtable proposal. Additional proposals will not be considered.

All the participants on the panel/roundtable need to have created an ECPG account prior to submission for the submission to go through. The same email address should be used for the submission and the ECPG account registration
Each participant in the ECPG may be appointed Panel Chair or Panel Discussant once. Chair and discussant roles are vital for ECPG and are expected services to the community. ECPG reserves the right to appoint participants as Chair and Discussant without prior permission from the participants.


For more information, contact ARC-GS at