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  • Cover African Gender and Development Index 2011

    Constructing Gender Indexes: Applied Feminist Anthropology in Experiences in Africa (UN-ECA) and Indonesia – Lunch lecture by Saskia Wieringa (Professor of Gender and Women's Same-Sex Relations Crossculturally, University of Amsterdam)

    Indexes such as the Gender Development Index (GDI) or the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) are commonly used worldwide as measurement tools to assess women’s empowerment in different countries. As Wieringa discussed in her lecture, those indexes ...

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  • Liza Mügge (L) and Nikita Dhawan (R)

    Transnational Justice and Gendered Vulnerability: Feminist Politics and (Im)possible Solidarities - Lecture by Professor Nikita Dhawan (University of Innsbruck)

    Transnational social movements strive for the implementation and improvement of civil rights, such as women’s rights, world-wide. Yet, as Professor Nikita Dhawan (University of Innsbruck) argues, such movements are frequently embedded within ...

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  • Liza Mugge and Phil Hubbard

    The Repression of Sex Work in the Context of Urban Mega-Events

    Sport mega-events, such as the Olympic Games or World Football Cups, are publicly broadcasted via various media channels and receive high amounts of attention worldwide. Such sport mega-events are also accompanied by far-reaching consequences for ...

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  • Laura Serrant

    Screaming Silences: Laura Serrant on the scripting of race and sexual health

    How to deal with a contested term such as ‘blackness’ in the field of health and medicine? How to attend to ethnic diversity without reproducing negative stereotypes about ethnic groups? How do concepts of sexuality and ethnicity gain meaning in ...

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  • Victoria Budson and Liza Mügge

    ‘Who is designing your future? Why and how we need to elect women at all levels of government’

    Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently defended the low percentage of female ministers in the new Dutch cabinet by saying: ‘I would have liked to have more. But in the end, we’re going for the best people’. Victoria Budson (Women and Public Policy ...

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  • CJ Pascoe at ARC-GS Opening Event 2017

    ‘The Gender of Trumpism: Masculinity, Politics and the American Presidency’.

    Since the election of President Donald Trump, talk of what qualifies as a “real man” has dominated the media. Trump displays a type of masculinity, most clearly visible in his “grab them by the pussy”-comment, that many on the political denounce ...

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  • Unexpected Consequences: Women and Power in Postconflict Africa

    Civil war tears communities apart, causes massive death, destroys economic stability and creates long-term traumas. Nevertheless, the disruption caused by such conflicts can create opportunities for social and political change. In her lecture ...

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  • Linda Peake

    The feminizing city? – A workshop with Linda Peake

    How are we to understand the contemporary urban gender revolution? Are cities feminizing as a result of changing patterns of production and reproduction? Or are we to understand persistent gendered poverty and violence statistics as signs of ...

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  • Gender in the European Union’s External Relations: the EU as a Merchant and a Teacher

    As the first document of the European Union (EU) the new Gender Action Plan “Transforming the Lives of Girls and Women through EU External Relations 2016 – 2020”, promises to take gender considerations in all EU external relations into account. ...

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  • ARC-GS Lecture: What Works for Women at Work

    Women have made enormous strides in gaining access to higher education and the workplace. However, gender biases in the workplace persist. Professor Joan C. Williams gave a lecture at ARC-GS, based on her book titled What Works for Women at Work: ...

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  • LGBTQI-Rights in Africa: the clash between national and international discourse

    LGBTQI-rights have taken centre stage within the broad discourse and practises of human rights in Africa. In her lecture, S. N. Nyeck, ARC-GS visiting scholar reflected on the debate on the LGBTQI-rights in Africa from a local, national and ...

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  • Workshop

    On the Politics of Respectability in Colonial Curaçao

    Dr. Rose Mary Allen is a pioneering oral historian and Senior Researcher at the University of Curaçao. She is the primary project partner in the NWO-funded research project “Cultural Practices of Citizenship under Conditions of Fragmented ...

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  • Book cover of Rape During Civil War

    Why do some armed groups rape but others never do? Rape as socialization in contemporary civil wars

    Throughout history, rape and other forms of sexual violence have been common in wartime. But it turns out that some of our understanding of why and how it happens is deeply flawed. In a lecture based on her book, Rape During Civil War, Dara Kay ...

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  • Response to Sonya Michel’s blog: Women and Radical Right-Wing Movements: What’s the Big Attraction?

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  • Women and Radical Right-Wing Movements: What’s the Big Attraction? The Case of Donald Trump

    We are all (not just Americans) still reeling from the election of Donald Trump, and now that he is in office, each day seems to bring fresh reasons for concern. Political pundits and political scientists are trying to explain Trump’s victory. ...

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  • Justin Trudeau at Gay Pride Toronto

    Gender equality and LGBTQI-rights in refugee politics: a transatlantic comparison

    LGBTQI- and women’s rights are increasingly co-opted in public and political debates on the inclusion of refugees into receiving nation-states. Refugees’ race, religion and gender are central to the way they are framed in public and political ...

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  • Event Sexuality@UvA

    ARC-GS Lecture Series: Roundtable Sexuality @ UvA

    Sexuality is a topic that transcends the boundaries of scientific disciplines and methodologies, but actually crossing methodological boundaries and reaching mutual understanding between researchers who are embedded in different disciplinary ...

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  • Manif Pour Tours Protests in 2013

    ARC-GS Lecture Series: Opposition to gender equality

    Opposition to gender and sexual equality in Europe is on the rise. At the same time there are signs that democracy across Europe is endangered. How can we understand these developments and how are they connected? Prof. Mieke Verloo (Professor of ...

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  • Dr. Henny Bos

    ARC-GS Lecture series: What is Diversity?

    Diversity is the talk of the town at the University of Amsterdam. But what is diversity? And how should it be achieved? Do we need top-down measures or grass roots activism? Dr. Henny Bos, Dr. Farid Boussaid and Dr. Rachel Spronk discussed these ...

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  • Monitor 2015 from LNVH

    ARC-GS Lecture series: Gender mainstreaming in academia

    The opening seminar of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) at the University of Amsterdam this academic year addressed gender inequality and the challenge of gender mainstreaming in academia with: Dr. Maxime Forest ...

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